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Un-Charted Territory

Here we go!! I’m kind of new to this blogging thing but have wanted to get into it for a while.  I figured with our first ever public event in the books this past weekend that now would be a great time to get into it…you know, kind of to tell the world about how it went!!

We are a brand new company and its been an amazing journey so far!!

This past weekend, Oct 15-16 was our first ever public event where we served our customers coffee…not just any coffee, but great coffee…you know the kind of great coffee that comes from Handsome Coffee Roasters…  where they say “Handmade and Damn Handsome”

In all seriousness tho, these guys are fantastic! I was honored to be able to be a part of their #firstforty #wager program and decided I would partner up with them and use their coffee for this event! I knew this would be a great decision as a pretty big task lay ahead of me…

You see, this area, in Central IL is uncharted territory for the specialty coffee industry…great coffee has yet to be experienced, that is, until this past weekend.

We brought the great coffee that has been missing by way of Handsome Coffee Roasters of LA and Hario V60’s of Japan…and of course a bit of barista skills of myself and a couple friends.  And that was the dawning of a new era here in little ole Central IL…Affinity Coffee Company made their appearance with a little skill and a lot of good coffee.  We hope to develop the market in the area for great coffee as time goes by and might be asking for some help from some of you coffee pros out there if you are willing.

You wonder where it goes from here? Well right now we’ll be traveling to different locations in Central IL serving up coffee from a few great roasters from all over the U.S. and maybe even some international coffee roasting companies.  Adding a coffee roaster of our own is also in the future plans and maybe even an actual physical location at some point where you can come get coffee anytime.  But for now its doing what we do and keeping quality at the front of everything we do.

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